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"Tanzlinde“ is the debut album of the neo-psych band Sherpa from Abruzzo, Italy.
The band got inspired by their mountains up to eastern cultures and ancient singings, and the result is a debut album which is psychedelic in the meaning of bursting the borders of music genres. You hear influences of psychedelia and Krautrock, in the direction of Popol Vuh and Robert Wyatt, but also eastern culture’s traditional music. There are hints of Indie or even some slightly pop music influences.
„Tanzlinde“ means a linden tree under which’s leaves the people find time to get back to theirselves and connecting to their deepest feelings. It’s a metaphor for strenght but fast growing and so is the music: the album „Tanzlinde“ is a tribute to powerful growth – and also the album itself is a real grower: with it’s translucent sounding, it becomes better and more intense with every listen...


released December 27, 2016



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Sherpa Italy


Sherpa is a psychedelic occult italian project.
Sherpa is the new course.
Sherpa is what was born from the ashes of Edith Aufn.
It's a necessary change, a natural evolution.
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Track Name: Dune
Share the voice thru gold nimbs
Use the sense, the gloaming
Shave after shave, you give me names
Circles are drawed, for sacred witch tales.

Like dunes, through the past time.

I feel lost in the air,
i float in the blooms,
a journey to a cave
with new punk bums
shame after shame...
the eastern faith...
our long brown hair will grow as nails...

and your soul seems like a bridge.
and my soul is me.
Track Name: Robert W.
Find the place
to grow our son,
all this keeps lying
to me.

Find the place
for getting old,
escape from peace
of limb...

(forgotten pleasure).

Turn the moon
to lights out
all this keeps lying
to me.

On the mountains,
over the sea...
escape from peace
of limb.

(forgotten pleasure)
Track Name: Dubinuska
alone, with your arms...
a land called mother's hands.

The witch in the rave
sounds bored

A witch inside the house...
"tell us more"

Dancing on
a shiny ground!

A sin,
a lovely place
A land called mother's hands.

Towards the country bell

Dancing on
a shiny ground!
Track Name: Tanzlinde
Dancing round
a big white bonfire
i met a girl called Lind.

She moves like flames,
i was dreamin
i told my name

And now i know
the game we're playing
a doom rebornd, a glimpse.

'Round the Tanzlinde
deers and drones
i'm allowed to be shy,
i've never been the king of light

The year of Taurus
passing thru the blood
i'm allowed to be shy
i've never been the king of light.
Track Name: Sherpa
Growing on the mountains
we saw a man.

I was a white flower
waiting for a land.

Heating every movement
in circles of fire

I was a white flower
searching for a guide... a land

I need for a silent growth, to grow
Track Name: Magnetic White Tree
Even the tree grow slow
It spirits will sleep in their arms
Human i left had no sap
And our hairs will grow long.

We shall reborn with new forms
We shall reborn with new forms and...
glimpsed a way thru magic dreams

We have skills needed to learn
We have skills and diamond flowers
Mixed with these blooms,
i'll bare we are magnets.
Track Name: Big Foot
Cubico il quadrato del tre...
litigarsi il favore del vento...
è stupido annegarne metà
porpora luna scusaci

Ridi e poi saluta
fai leva sulla tua età.

Scivoli nei quadrati del tre...
battimi al gioco che non so...
scuolabus verso il temporale...
porpora luna scusaci...

Ridi e poi saluta,
farnetica sul nulla.
Sputa e poi degusta...
fai leva sulla lealtà
Track Name: Of Coke and Steel
Blackest puma...
the whitest...
you know they are
of coke and steel

Acid temper
they know we are
of coke and steel

I was younger
than demons
before we land
thru broken tears.

Always down the sun
a way down the sun...
thru coke and steel